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We do new construction and renovations for both commercial and residential clientele.  We specialize in sales and installation of siding in vinyl, KWP, aluminum, steel and fibre cement with the widest range of  profiles and colours.

We also provide full home and business interior renovation services. With our highly skilled tradesmen we can take on anything you throw at us.

At R. Wilton we work with what we consider some of the best brands on the market including products like:
Royal Building Products and Rhino Guard (Xtreme Gutter Guard) for our gutter guards and similar products.



Doors and Windows:

We work with some of the best products available for our harsh Manitoba climate. Our doors and window systems are the result of countless hours of research and development. With an industry leading design, they will offer the security, beauty, comfort and longevity that your home deserves. Standard & custom matched colours are available. Some of the fiberglass door slabs are even stainable with a wood grain finish. There are many glass options available as well.


Just contact us for an estimate.

Soffit and Fascia:

Soffit & fascia are available in: vinyl, aluminum, steel.


Siding is available in vinyl, aluminum, steel, fibre cement and KWP Naturetech.



We offer seamless eavestrough in 3 Different Sizes 5", 6" and 7"

Materials: Aluminum, Steel, and Copper...

gauges: .023 - .032 in Aluminum & .26 - .22 in Steel

"Click on the Arrows to View Sizes"

Custom Cladding:

We also specialize in Custom clad around windows & doors, posts & beams keeping your home maintenance free.

Custom cladding is available in: aluminum, vinyl, steel & cellular PVC board.

Custom Vents and Shutters:

Aluminum vents, shutters and attic access doors available in many colours and you can pick the custom size you want.

Home Renovation Services:

We also provide full home and business renovation services. With our highly skilled tradesmen, we can take on anything you throw at us.


We also offer maintenance for:

Eaves Cleaning and Snow Removal.

Our Suppliers

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